OBM Software Sdn Bhd

This company was established in December 1990 to meet the IT needs of various industries.

OBM's primary objective is to provide state of the art enterprise wide software solutions to fulfill the needs of businesses. Our application software products are developed for the Windows environment. We also specialize in wide area applications where our technological focus is on the worldwide web as well as the distributed system model with Internet/Intranet communication infrastructure. We employ the latest development tools and methodologies to ensure superior software quality and usability. Our team of dedicated I.T. professionals are committed to maintaining world class standard for all our products.

The geographic market for some of our application products are nationwide and the neighbouring countries including Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia etc. However, our web applications and distributed applications have a worldwide base, with users in almost every country.

We have more than 23 years of experience behind us, and we have built a strong customer base, including many of the public listed conglomerates and multinational companies with turnover in billion of dollars. Among the implementation that we have done are computerisation for large organisations with many subsidiaries and branches, whereby distributed databases are consolidated at the headquarters for control and analysis of performance.

The main focus of OBM Software's objective concentrates on solving companies' IT problems. Over the years, research and development has proven that common business problems that occur in companies and organisations are actually a call to a standardised, comprehensive, cost-effective, efficient, real-time, paperless solution, which surfaces in the form of an IT solution (electronic relational database management systems). This is where OBM Software comes into play. We provide a standardised solution for the various needs of these companies. However, our job does not end there. OBM Software's objectives and corporate goals encompass a much larger concern. OBM Software strives to provide services and products to not only counter these problems but also to further enhance the business operations of these companies in terms of value and profit. For our customers, that means significant time and money savings. OBM Software works to exceed the expectations of its customers through its various standardised product assortment, broad geographic coverage, extensive distribution network, responsive customer service, advanced technologies and productivity improvement capabilities. In addition, our company provides several ways for our customers to continually interact with the customer support personnel after a system installation is done. This is accomplished through our customers' web site email posting board, email, facsimile and telephone.

Development milestones over the next five years generally encompass further enhancements to existing software products as well as development of new products. In addition, changes in future business rules and operations will also mean revisions and amendments to the current information systems.

Our company's objectives are as follows:

  • To provide comprehensive cost-effective software solution that meets the strategic needs of the marketplace.
  • To offer a variety of services which include consultancy, project management, installation, training and support.
  • To provide superior quality, and to pursue new products and emerging technologies that ensure smooth computing paths to the future.
  • To be involved not only in an ad-hoc basis, but in the long term strategic planning of our clients.
  • To provide continuity throughout each phase of a project.
  • To form strategic alliances with established hardware suppliers to bring the best to our customers.
  • To provide a "one-stop", comprehensive facility for the rapid set-up of systems in all business sectors.

Our various product assortments are consistent with our client needs.

  • OBM Enterprise Level Business Accounting System
  • OBM Payroll
  • CourierWorld: A suite of software applications for the Courier industry
  • B2BQuote: A business to business portal to facilitate online business trading
  • OCM Clinic Management

Our Quality Product Development Policy basically states that: "... All our products carry a one-year bugs free warranty, which means should any bugs in the software be uncovered within one year after installation, we will fix the bugs free of charge. This however, does not include additions of new features into the system."

We are totally committed to the government's MSC I.T. initiative. In a nutshell, the company will effect the transfer and contribution to MSC by employing knowledge based workers, importing state-of-the-art hardware and software and utilising these resources in a rigorous software development environment to produce innovative IT solutions.


  • Accounting/Financial Software
  • Clinic Management Software
  • Courier Management Software
  • Payroll Software

Effective 22 April 2017, OBM will be moving to a newer and better office. Click here for details