OBM Software Sdn Bhd

This company was established in year 1990 to meet the ICT needs of various industries.

We provide state of the art enterprise wide off-the-shelf software solutions to fulfill the needs of businesses. Our application software products are developed for the desktop Windows environment and also on the server/cloud based environment based on Android and IOS mobile Phone platforms. We employ the latest development tools and methodologies to ensure superior software quality and usability. Our team of dedicated I.T. professionals are committed to maintaining world class standard for all our products.

Our main objective is focused on solving business community's ICT problems. Over the years, research and studies have shown that common business problems that occur in companies and organisations are actually a call to a standardised, comprehensive, cost-effective, efficient, real-time, paperless solution. This is where OBM Software comes into play. We provide standardised solutions for the various needs of these companies. However, our job does not end there. OBM Software's objectives and corporate goals encompass a much larger concern. OBM Software strives to provide products to not only counter these problems but also to further enhance the business operations of these companies in terms of value and profit. For our customers, that means significant time and money savings. OBM Software works to exceed the expectations of its customers through its various standardised product assortment, broad geographic coverage, wide distribution network, responsive customer service, advanced technologies and productivity improvement capabilities.

Development milestones over the next five years generally encompass further enhancements to existing software products as well as development of new products. In addition, changes in future business rules and operations will also mean revisions and amendments to the current information systems.

Our company's objectives are as follows:

Our products include the following:

We provide quality assurance for our products. All our products carry a one-year bugs free warranty, which means should any bugs in the software be uncovered within one year after installation, we will fix the bugs free of charge. This however, does not include additions of new features into the system. We also continually upgrade our products to be up to date with the latest requirements.

We are totally committed to the government's MSC ICT initiative. In a nutshell, the company will effect the contribution to MSC by employing knowledge based workers, developing software products on state-of-the-art hardware technology.


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