Specification: is an internet-based courier community software designed specially for independent courier operators to get up to speed with the latest state of the art technology to remain competitive in the industry. CourierWorld enables a community of both local and international courier service provider to work with one another, thus enabling global courier station network management.

CourierWorld supplies the means for this community to work together in a network in a seamless manner. The courier network monitors the status of any waybill at every stage, from dispatch to its ultimate delivery, i.e. door-to-door, and therefore providing real time data fundamental to its customers' daily business operations.

This system is made up of a suite of programs including a Windows based system installed at each station. The system includes full operational and backend accounting functionalities to provide a complete solution to the courier business. Also, it has been centrally developed to allow unlimited expansion in all areas in all fields to ensure customers of this courier network constantly receive information in the most modern methods. 

This system is highly affordable, it actually helps you to save money by letting you run your business more effeciently. For more information, please send your enquiries to