OBM Payroll System


OBM Payroll offers you the simplest way to increase your payroll productivity and accuracy. It is a Windows-based software that is comprehensive yet user-friendly. OBM Payroll can be fully integrated with the OBM Accounting system. Designed using up-to-date technology, it is extremely flexible, and fully complies with Malaysian regulations.


Adjustable Auto-Generation of Payroll Calculations
OBM Payroll is able to calculate salaries based on predefined criteria such as basic salary, predefined monthly payment, EPF and SOCSO Contributions, additional payment, allowances and claims, overtime payment, advancements and deductions, and many others. You can schedule the company salary preparation at any point of time. Auto-generation of payroll can be done rapidly for all employees in the company, in a specific department, or for a single employee. Alterations are possible for any basic account information, or to any particular month’s payout.

Complete Legal Documentation
OBM payroll produces all necessary documentation for salary preparation and submission of legal documents. Printing EA Forms, SOCSO Reports, Income Tax Reports and EPF Forms can now be done with a simple click.

Comprehensive Tax Table, EPF and SOCSO Reference
Tax, EPF, and SOCSO reference tables are maintained in the system for the generation of PAYE, EPF, and SOCSO accounts. These tables serve as a reference for payroll officers, and used to calculate contributions to PAYE, EPF and SOCSO accounts.

Comprehensive Personnel Details
OBM Payroll stores a comprehensive list of details for each employee. This includes personal particulars, spouse and child information, photos, and a history of leave information. Employee data can be further categorized into various departments.

Leave and Public Holidays
Need to know who has applied for annual leave in the past month? OBM Payroll monitors and keeps track of leave information for all employees. Full details of amount taken, amount entitled, and balances of various types of leaves can be retrieved. This includes annual leave, medical leave, special paid leaves, unpaid leaves, yearly brought forward leave and forfeited leave. Annual public holiday schedules can be declared and entered into the system, to be taken into account when processing leave applications.